Noelle Joy’s Newborn Portraits

For the past 9 months I’ve been looking forward to taking newborn photos of my daughter. And now, 1 month later, she napped long enough for me to be able to post them–guess all that laundry will have to wait another day. Oh well!


My husband Alex did a wonderful job capturing my first moment with my baby girl.

noelle_hospital_blog07noelle_newborn_blog02 noelle_newborn_blog03

Noelle’s arrival made this Christmas truly special so I made sure to capture a few photos to remember her first Christmas!


We are now a family of 3!

noelle_newborn_blog05 noelle_newborn_blog06 noelle_newborn_blog07 noelle_newborn_blog08 noelle_newborn_blog09 noelle_newborn_blog10

We have been so thrilled with how our former “only-child” has reacted to Noelle. Here is one of their first moments together.

noelle_newborn_blog11 noelle_newborn_blog12 noelle_newborn_blog13

Of course my own daughter just was not cooperating during her newborn photo shoot(s). She would scream every time we tried to set her down. She just wanted to be held! So my super patient husband ended up being the backdrop for most of her photos.


And here is the before-and-after of 2 days before Noelle’s birth and 2 weeks after.


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1 Response to Noelle Joy’s Newborn Portraits

  1. Dee Terry says:

    Stunning photography of your precious angel.

    Sent from my iPad

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